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David Abbott

Pricing Your Platapus


David is an international speaker, helping audiences to discover simple ways to improve their pricing.

He applies psychology research into consumer behaviour to business and marketing. He illustrates everything with real examples of marketing in action.

Since studying economics at university he has taken a keen interest in the challenge that pricing presents to a business. As the field of behavioural economics has evolved, rich research into the psychology of how we make decisions - and particularly, how we make decisions about pricing - has provided insights into better ways to price.

But his experience is not all acedemic... He ran a £56m mail order company where pricing is crucial, and has held senior marketing roles in a wide variety of industries.

This has led David to work on how businesses decide on the right pricing strategy and how to communicate a price in such as way as to maximise the price that will be paid. All of this is a surprisingly under-developed field. Improving margins and making more money are important to most businesses, and increasing prices is one obvious method - but how do companies actually go about increasing their prices? That’s usually where the challenge lies.

David speaks about this to corporate audiences and presents keynotes at events and conferences. David’s first book, How To Price Your Platypus, is an introduction to the psychology behind getting a higher price for your product or service.

In 2019 he was presented the ‘Rising Star’ award 2019 from Vistage and voted the Professional Speakers Association Speaker of the Year.


How To Price Your Platypus

Using an understanding of customer psychology to get a higher price for your product or service


Listening to David was an absolute delight with his insight in best practice, knowledge and experience on sales. I sat in the audience compelled to his every word and like others I made numerous notes from his many takeaways. David is a very likeable speaker with a relaxed performance and perfect delivery. I would highly recommend David for keynote and workshop events especially for CEO groups.

Steve Judge - Two Times World Champion, International Motivational Speaker 

David recently presented at the annual event for our members (all owners and MDs of SMEs). We always hope our presenters have terrific knowledge to impart, and that they do that in a truly engaging way. David delivered in spades on both these fronts. I would recommend him unreservedly.

Ed Reid -The Alternative Board

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