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David Hyner

SMART Goals DON'T Work!


As a researcher, 200+ interviews over an eighteen year period with top achievers gives David's delivery totally unique content and massive credibility. His funny, challenging and inter-active style ensures that his keynote or workshop has huge ‘take-away” value, and gives your delegates the skills and confidence to achieve their massive goals .

The biggest thing drawn from his research was “how” successful people think and behave whilst achieving their massive goals. David first applied the process to charity fundraising, and in his spare time (over a six year period) raised over half a million pounds, breaking four charities fundraising records in the process. After presenting "The Positive Show" on BBC radio, David authored numerous books and audio products that deliver huge value to delegates post event as support resources.

David started business life as a successful caterer and event organiser in Birmingham which he ran for thirteen years, and since turning professional speaker in 2000 he has travelled the world presenting to between 20-50,000 people each year being asked back time and time again.


  • The MASSIVE Goal Principle - motivational goal setting
  • Memory Masterclass - a fun energising delivery giving you amazing memory skills
  • PURPOSE!- purpose driven teams are inspired to outperform the rest!
  • Inside the minds of top achievers - success tips from 150+ top achiever research interviews.
  • Stress Prevention - fun ways of preventing, rather than "managing" stress.
  • Fundraising ...The easy way - a guide to "maverick" fundraising techniques


"You were amazing to watch and learn from. Not sure if you noticed but you had some of the audience crying with the story about the athlete. Your contribution made a huge difference!"


“Possibly… if not THE best speaker I have ever seen !"


“Over the years I have seen many, many speakers in action. I would put you and your session yesterday right up there… in my top three of all time."


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