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David Thomas

The Motivational Speaker


An inspirational speaker on change and challenge

Key Messages

If managing challenge, overcoming adversity, dealing with change and showing resilience are key to the success of your team, then David Thomas is the motivational speaker for you.

David inspires with his story of how he overcame a seriously abusive childhood to become a hugely successful adult. This is the theme of his #1 bestselling book. He links the lessons he learned to the specific problems that your team are facing in your industry.

He shares the strategies he has honed and developed to become one of the best practitioners in history in his chosen field of excellence, memory, a global speaker in 21 countries and international media personality. He ensures the techniques are transferable so that your team can use them the moment they leave the event.

Memory Demonstration

David performs two jaw dropping demonstrations of his memory skills.

David’s speech is particularly suited to leadership and sales conferences. The message strongly resonates with those under the greatest pressure to perform and the greatest need to inspire and motivate others.

Presentation style – challenging and fun

David’s presentation style is direct (he is an ex-firefighter from Yorkshire). He unsettles the audience making them think deeply about where they are in work and life. His style is particularly suited to those high performers who really want to improve and have a true desire to be the best that they can be.

His infectious sense of humour is ever present in all his talks. He lives by the mantra ‘when we laugh, we learn’.

David’s speeches are shocking, entertaining and motivational.


  • Forget the why; only focus on the HOW
  • Success does not have to be a spectator sport
  • The more responsibility you take, the better your life will be
  • Stop being a BMW – a Bitching, Moaning Whinger – because no-one is listening!
  • Someone has to be successful – think BIG and it will be you


“Very engaging, very entertaining with some really poignant points.”

Baroness Sue Campbell, CBE

“I am really impressed. David Thomas has worked wonders with Martin.”

Lord Digby Jones

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