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Dawnna St Louis

Transforming Radically Innovative Ideas to Real Results


Dawnna St Louis is the CEO of Next Up Now, an Innovation Consultancy. In her day-to-day role she creates the future business and re-energizes innovation. Dawnna knows there is no shortage of great ideas but without implementation its all hot air. In her powerful presentations she challenges audiences to question "best practices" and to drive ideas from whiteboard to boardroom to bottom-line. Today, 100's of organisations and executives have tapped into Dawnna's knowledge to discover how to lead great ideas into the marketplace.

Dawnna's roots are in technology space. She began as a programmer who went on to be the co-founder of a highly successful international business intelligence consulting firm operating in 25 countries around the world. Before her consultancy success and work as a top leading innovation keynote speaker, Dawnna earned certifications in several object orientated programming languages including Java and C#. She went on to become a certified project managment professional, a process improvement black belt and earned her bachelor's degree in information technology. 


Why Innovation Wins 

Convert radical ideas into a tangible competitive advantage

The Innovative Leader

What it really takes to be a game-changing leader


Irresistible innovative customer service


“You totally blew our participants away with a 4.9 out of 5 rating! “

Marc Hardy, PhD


“She helped us identify our strengths as leaders and how to leverage that

leadership towards innovation.”

M. Arroyo, Microsoft


“I used some of the techniques she had shared with me and I turned a 5

digit income into a 6 digit income almost overnight. “

J. Peregine, CEO – OsirisPapers


Authenticity, energy and personality lit up the place. Dawnna was on point

and gave actionable instructions that one could practically take away and

use everyday to improve their position.

Kim Stargel, Vantiv


Dawnna keeps her audience engaged imparting a wealth of knowledge in a

uniquely Dawnna packaged presentation.

Janice Parks, VP of Human Resources, VISA Card Services


She is like a innovation on steroids. Dawnna makes it simple, tangible, and

doable; all while motivating each and every person to take action!

Absolutely amazing.

J.Fernandez, Chief Diversity Officer - Johnson Controls


“There is a reason you hire someone 3 times and look forward to hiring

them again; because they have a wealth of knowledge that you have used

to find success and you want to go back to the well. That is Dawnna St Louis

B. Garrido - LexisNexis


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