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Deborah Henley

Creating Authentic Presence


How do the most influential leaders inspire and motivate their staff; build the most loyal trusted relationships with their clients; and enhance their profile, reputation and influence in their marketplace with such ease?

Not by conforming, adapting and fitting into a narrow idea of who they are as a leader - but by bringing their own unique experiences, perspectives and personal presence to bare. Your own stories, struggles, achievements, failures and successes are gold dust when combined with the insights you gained as a result. And when you find and share these in a compelling way, you will bring out the best, not just in yourself, but in others too; giving you the opportunity to have far greater influence both in the workplace and in the world around you so that you can leave a legacy that lasts.

Deborah Henley is a leadership communication expert who’s worked with senior execs from Cisco, Visa and the MOD. Shortlisted in the 2019 Business Book Awards for ‘Your Leadership Story’, she draws from her extraordinary life experiences, such as sailing the worlds oceans, and training with the British Olympic Rowing Team. On dry land, she’s worked behind the cameras at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios and has a professional background in clinical psychology, neurolinguistics, and hypnotherapy.

Featured on BBC, Channel 5 News and Good Morning Britain and - Deborah will entertain, inform and tap into the power of your Real leadership influence.


Real Leadership Influence:

Discover the genius of the genuine you


Personal Brand Presence: 

Leveraging your authentic identity


Your Leadership Story:

Use your life experience to influence and inspire


Your Mission, Your Message:

What drives you and how to get others on board


The Big Refresh:

Aligning values and energising your team spirit


“Insightful, surprising, transformative ideas relevant to any business leader”

Julian Marsh, Partner, EY


“Reconnected me with my own leadership philosophy and provided some great tools for me to leverage my influence in a way that feels authentic and genuine.

Fraser Bowen, Head of International Investment, Jones Lang LaSalle


“Deborah’s talk was absolutely brilliant! One of the best I’ve ever seen. A really wonderful story, great insight into leadership and very well presented.”

David Horne, CFO, Dent Global


“What a fantastic keynote! Absolutely masterful.” 

Jan Bowen Nielsen, CEO, Quiver Management Consulting

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