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Earl Lynch



Earl Lynch is an inspirational, informative, and passionate speaker, who shares his heart and energy with audiences worldwide. A former professional musician, with a number one hit single, who now runs his own business in learning and development, with over 20 years’ experience in field of human resource development.

Earl has a very warm, engaging style of delivery, an incredible people connector, speaking to the hearts and minds of your audience; empowering them to build world class teams, through real life examples and business relevant content that blends deep research with easy to comprehend, commercial and cultural understanding.

At his core, Earl is an educator and entertainer who can wonderfully craft together inspirational keynote speeches. He has worked with many leading brands and is particularly proud of his track record working with Microsoft and their Partners, since 1998, to enable salesforces worldwide to sell software and outstanding solutions.

Unconscious bias, has been a topic that has fascinated Earl since 2018. Many of his early life experiences, career choices and business decisions have impacted him as a result of unconscious bias. He realises that this affects everything and everyone we come into contact with. It has been the single most revelatory factor to understanding the way in which we work with people, make decisions, and innovate for exceptional results.

Earl’s keynote “Unlocking Innovation through Diversity and Inclusion” highlights the issues caused by our biases, but goes on to wonderfully illustrate the major benefits of innovation and creativity that diversity of thought brings to every organisation, if only they would choose to embrace that thinking.

Event MC - Choosing the right MC for your conference can really make a difference to your event. Being an MC can be a challenging task, engaging your audience, connecting the flow of the event with speakers’ content can be quite onerous, you will really need someone who comes prepared and can think fast on their feet; working with you from planning to execution of your event, ensuring everything runs like clockwork. Earl Lynch is that person who will keep your event, business relevant, ensuring it is highly engaging, with humorous activities that will enable the event to be most memorable.


• Coping with Change

• Building Trust •Communication

• Essentials of Negotiation

• Speaking, Facilitating & Presenting

• Experiential Learning

• Building Rapport

• Leadership Development

• Personal Development

• Team  Development


I have worked with Earl during my time at Astra Zeneca and more recently with another client. All I can say is "Wow" - what an inspirational speaker, coach, trainer, mentor & HR professional.

Justine Fitzpatrick - Director at JHF Communications 


I can safely say that he has a unique ability to bring energy and enthusiasm to any learning environment.

Tim Curry - Giant Worldwide


Earl Lynch is an incredibly talented Facilitator and speaker. His work at Oxygen Learning (and subsequently) has always been first class. He mixes deep research with commercial and cultural understanding. This makes him hugely versatile.

Richard Hillier - Oxygen Learning

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