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Jamie McDonald

Adventurer, Fundraiser & Part-time Superhero


Jamie has become somewhat of an Adventurer. Having spent the first nine years of his life most of the time in hospital, as a result of suffering from a rare spinal condition, Jamie has spent many years giving back through phenomenal feats of emotional and physical endurance.

In 2012 Jamie cycled 14,000 miles from Bangkok to Gloucester, UK, he was shot at, arrested and slept rough. Days later he broke the World Record for non-stop Marathon Static Cycling, stepping off the bike after 268 hours (more than 11 days!). If that wasn't enough, dressed as a Superhero, he then ran 5000 miles (more than 200 marathons!) across Canada being the first person in history without a support crew - raising more than a quarter of a million pounds to the hospitals. Jamie’s adventures made news all over the world.

Jamie is an international speaker and shares his story as just an ‘ordinary’ guy. Jamie speaks right from the heart and shows us the long lasting rewards of never giving up, embracing adversity and finding your inner superhero.


  • Never Giving Up
  • Embracing Change
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Goal Setting
  • Good Team Work
  • Importance of Giving Back
  • Finding Your Inner Superhero


"Best speaker I’ve seen in 25 years. A real and refreshing change for what I normally would expect in the corporate affair"


"Jamie’s hugely entertaining story is one of great personal endeavour; his tenacity in achieving his goals and in overcoming barriers is inspirational. Jamie’s engaging presentation style, his experiences and the challenges he faces, resonate well with his audience from a both a personal and business perspective"


"Jamie provoked laughter, tears, shock, more laughter and transmitted a whole chunk of pride and self-esteem to the audience, with his inspirational and uplifting story telling. 5 months later staff are still talking about it! Jamie’s talk fosters a lasting connection, on never giving up, always moving forward and finding your inner superhero. Will definitely be having him back"

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