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Jane Malyon

How Afternoon Tea Can Save The World


Afternoon Tea is delicious BUT it's not all about the tasty carbs! Jane helps you transfer those niceties of being in rapport, offering, listening, engaging...and you have the Art of Diplomacy right there.  That translates into customer service, effective teamwork and organisations that simply work together better.

Jane’s quintessentially British keynotes are utterly surprising,  unique, funny and powerful. Cucumber sandwiches and teapots may be involved but in reality, this is an inspiring message around internal relationships and efficiency within organisations and their clients. 

Jane is not only a professional speaker but also the UK's expert on afternoon tea traditions. She is the author of several books and the Guinness World Record Holder for the largest afternoon cream tea.

Using the metaphor of teatime manners, your audience will truly learn how to be more internally relatable, increase engagement, build rapport and consideration in their working environment… all in the enjoyable company of Jane and her very British sense of humour.

Afternoon Tea or English Cream Tea can also be provided within the package (in the UK only)!


How Afternoon Tea Can Change The World - The Currency of Courtesy


"I've heard a lot of speakers and there are just a few I remember.  Jane Malyon, made a big impression on me at an event where there were other speakers.  I personally remember only her talk,and to today it is stuck in my mind."

Debora Luzi

"Very engaging, useful…fantastic!  Helped everyone in the room!  Out of all the speakers that day, Jane was everyone's favourite!"  

Dent event, The Mermaid Theatre, London

"If you've a mind, a mind to be informed, entertained, inspired to be the person you know you truly

can be....BOOK JANE"  - 

Peter Thomson, UK's leading strategist on business and personal growth.

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