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Jo Salter

Britain's first female fighter pilot


As Britain’s first female fast jet pilot, Jo’s tales from such an elite world offer alternative insights into personal development, meeting challenges and succeeding in the face of adversity.

Imagine being in control of 25 million pounds of screaming metal flying just above the ground - decisions have to be immediate, reflexes lightning fast. For Jo Salter, this was just the day job when she became Britain’s first female fast jet pilot flying the Tornado GR1, then one of 5 women fighter pilots in the world.

Jo now uses her boundless energy, never-failing humour, compassion and understanding, as well as her advanced skills, to facilitate workshops, carry out life changing seminars, conduct high performance coaching sessions and enable individuals and organisations to solve problems.

Achievement is a way of life for Jo - and, yes, achievement while living in the real world as a daughter, sister, parent, friend Jo is a determined and visionary realist. Be prepared to be challenged.

Jo is also the author of two books focusing on using personal energy for high achievement.



Jo Salter is a superb speaker. Why? She is natural, warm, real, human, low-ego and interacts with the audience, rather than talking at them as ‘the expert’ = engaging.

Rachel Brushfield

Inspiring, Energising, Challenging!

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