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John Hotowka

Achievement Thinking


All the training and knowledge in the world won’t help you achieve outstanding results unless you have the right mind-set and attitude to be self-motivated. This mind-set can be learned.

What would it mean for you if:

You could achieve more... even when you don’t feel like it?

You were more resilient and bounced back easily?

You could easily and effectively deal with change?

You could easily overcome challenges, obstacles and distractions to achieve goals?

John Hotowka is a keynote speaker who’ll give you and your people insights and simple, practical tools to achieve more with less, be more resourceful, build resilience and manage change to improve your bottom line... even in hard times.

You’ll also laugh while you learn and be inspired to take action.

 John highlights the lessons learnt since 1989, overcoming obstacles, doubt and failure and shows you how to develop the mind-set of an achiever, whatever challenges you may face.  Using the techniques from his Achievement Thinking methodology his clients have manifested outstanding results, like hitting their annual sales target three months early!

At conferences even though John’s a fit at any slot, a lot of his clients ask him to speak either after lunch (when an audience needs re-energising) or to open the event (to set the tone for the event) because of the humour and magic he uses, which also raises morale.  Better still delegates will also work more collaboratively, share information and be more focussed afterwards.



  • Self-motivation
  • Dealing with change
  • Resilience
  • Success Mind-set
  • Doing more with less
  • Entrepreneurship


'John delivered a stunning "graveyard shift" session at one of our Academy for Chief Executives showcases. It was full of great content, humour and magic and was packed with his personal insights and takeaways for the audience. One of the best sessions I have seen in years!!'

Phil Jesson, Academy of Chief Executives

'John was totally engaging from the outset.... his presentation was a mix of inspiration, humour mixed with a little bit of magic and showed a real understanding of his audience.'  

Joan Serafini, Equator Events & Public Affairs Ltd.

'John has the perfect blend of super sharp wit, striking charisma, and pure genius mixed with a magical sprinkle of invaluable knowledge and insight.  From the moment John started to speak, both myself and my colleagues were intrigued, entertained and enlightened, which is such a rare reaction for one person to achieve.'

Michelle Lemm, Lancaster University


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