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Julie Holmes

Whole Company Selling - What if everyone in your company was selling?


Julie Holmes is an American sales and marketing veteran with a unique and empowering perspective on how to better connect products to prospects. Now based in London and travelling world-wide, her Whole Company Selling™ philosophy pushes you to reconsider who is selling to your prospects and customers and how they can do it more effectively and more profitably.

“In the digital economy, customers are always buying so we must always be serving and selling.”

Having spent 20 years in delivery and leadership of sales, marketing and strategy, Julie Holmes has helped to grow a host of enterprise technology companies. From startups to multi-nationals, she knows what works to identify, get, keep and grow the customers that will make a business profitable and successful.

Using her Whole Company Selling™ framework, Julie shares a range of powerful ideas about identifying and connecting to your Perfect Prospect, leveraging the entire organization in the prospecting and sales cycle, and measuring sales and marketing success so that you can repeat it.

Her presentations are entertaining, action-oriented, and filled with real world stories and examples of current companies that are innovating and succeeding in times of change - and Julie delivers it all with her American wit and charm.

“What if everyone in your company was selling?”


Whole Company Selling™: What if everyone in your company was selling?

Your Perfect Prospects: Putting quality ahead of quantity in the customer acquisition race.

Building Your Backyard Believers: Using the power of internal marketing to skyrocket sales and employee engagement.

Women's Talks and Panels: Developing and excelling as a woman in Business

The Customer That’s Killing You: Measuring Customer Value to Increase Profits and Find Perfect Prospects


"Julie's style is lively and captivating and needs to be experienced to be understood. She presents very practical and immediately useful tips."

Mariam Mathew, The American School in London

"What an amazing impression! Her confident personality along with her informative and fascinating subject matter made Julie one of the hits of our event."

Gerry Tombs (CEO), Clearvision-CM

"The perfect mix of inspiration, humor, learning and actionable advice."

Glenn Wirick, Pegasus Solutions

“Julie's seminar for professional women (presentation and confidence in the workplace) is something I would recommend to every working woman. Should've gone to it years ago!”

Candice Zen, Founder at Totem Hair

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