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Justin Cohen

Unleashing Human Potential


Using a unique combination of cutting edge research, humour, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Justin will enable your people to unleash their personal and organisational potential. Justin presents seven main programs which can be presented as keynote presentations or workshops.

In the Psychology of Sucess you will develop self-awareness, motivation, positive mindset and action-orientation. There is also a version for sales people: The Psychology of Sales Superstars.

However, even with the right psychology there is no such thing as success without successful relationships. Ubuntu: The Power of Connection will boost your social influence, necessary not just for success in leadership, but in sales and service too.

Goals: Design your destiny delivers cutting edge scientific strategies to turn vision into reality. For instance just one adjustment to a plan can triple the chances of success. Here you will also refine your personal and organisational purpose. A Wharton Business school study shows that clarity of purpose can double goal achievement.

Over a decade of research proves that happiness contributes to nearly every business objective. The Parnassus workplace fund only invests in happy companies and delivers a nearly 7% higher return than average. Based on cutting edge scientific research fresh out of the field of positive psychology, in Joy takes you further, you will discover five keys to happiness at work.

Harvard’s Howard Gardener says: “The greatest tool in a leader’s arsenal is a good story.” In What’s your story? participants will learn to lead, sell persuade and teach through the power of story. We’ve all participated in great programs that ultimately made little difference. The Power of Positive Habits provides cutting edge strategies to convert insight into long-term behavioural change.

Finally, Pitch to Win is a two day coaching program where you will learn how to present, persuade and close the deal. Justin has coached executive teams to win multimillion dollar deals.

In addition to being a top international conference speaker and author, Justin Cohen also facilitates strategy sessions and emcees events. Justin won’t just read a script; he thoroughly researches your organization and objectives, ensuring that each introduction is relevant and personalized. Bringing his extensive experience as a conference speaker, Justin will be the golden thread between the various presentations, providing entertaining insights and inspiration.







“Justin electrifies his audience … he was the best speaker.”

Sir Eric Peacock, Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives, UK

“Justin is one of the most engaging and entertaining master teachers you’ll ever learn from.”

Marc Kahn, Head of HR and Organisation Development, Investec Global

"I’ve seen a lot of speakers and sat through a lot of breakout sessions. Justin Cohen is the most informative, entertaining and inspiring that I’ve seen."

Dave Goranson, President, American Society for Training & Development

“Thank you for all you’ve done for our organisational effectiveness and change team. We left inspired and awakened!

Nokuzola Poswa, General Manager, Organizational Effectiveness and Change, Sasol

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