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Neil Urquhart

The Sales Samurai


Neil Urquhart is a veteran speaker who has shared his ideas on communication, sales and negotiation across the world in over 45 countries. All of his talks have an emphasis on improving the results for your audience.

As a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido and Japanese sword fighting, Neil is fascinated by ancient wisdom and how we can apply it in the modern world making his talks interesting, entertaining and highly engaging.

He believes that organisations live and die by the quality of their internal and external communication skills, and that everyone has room for improvement. What if your audience left with more self-awareness and more appreciation of the wants and needs of clients, suppliers and colleagues?


The Sales Samurai: Ancient Warrior Wisdom for Modern Sales Success
Everyday Negotiating: How to Negotiate Successfully with Your Boss, Your Colleagues, Your Team
The Communication Advantage: Getting Ahead Through Great Communication


Neil delivered a brilliant talk which energised the room and kept the audience entertained and educated. He will definitely be invited back.

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