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Paul Hargreaves

The Business Heart Surgeon


Paul Hargreaves is one of the leading voices in the UK encouraging and inspiring businesses to be a Force for Good and has published a book with the same title earlier this year.  Many businesses are realising that to prosper and survive in the 21st century they need to not just be looking at the financial bottom line of profit, but people and planet too, and so make the world a better place.  Within his book and talks Paul also inspires personal change to facilitate this change more quickly.

Twenty years ago, he founded Cotswold Fayre, a speciality food wholesaler, from his house in inner-city London whilst he was also engaged in charitable work within that community trying to change lives for better.  The company found success quickly and grew rapidly to become the leading wholesaler in the sector and now supplies nearly 2,000 outlets within the UK and beyond from its base in the Thames Valley.  The tremendous success of the company is down to creating a great place to work and one that focusses on changing the world for better.

Since 2015 Cotswold Fayre has been certified as a B Corporation. B Corps are companies that meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance and Paul is also an ambassador for the movement within the UK.


Creating a Lasting Leadership Legacy

How do you want to be remembered in business by others?  Someone who has done well for themselves or someone who has done well for others?  It is the latter that tend to leave a lasting legacy and in addition create more personal fulfilment and happiness too!

Being a compassionate leader

Love, kindness and compassion were not words that used to be used in a business context.  In the 21st century it is the leaders showing and feeling love for people and planet that are growing the most successful businesses and organisations.

Creating Businesses that are Forces for Good

Businesses that are simply in existence to make money for their share-holders and owners are failing.  Even the Financial Times in Sept 2019 declared on its front page, “Capitalism: Time for a Reset”.  Those businesses that have a purpose beyond making money are now the successful ones. Paul will show you how.


"Thanks Paul. Without doubt, Friday was the most inspirational, thought provoking, and emotional event I have ever attended, the content of which will stick with me forever.”

Company Director – Buckinghamshire


"I just wanted to say a belated thank you for coming in last week and talking at one of our Speaker Sessions. The room has not been that full for a while and the feedback from the event has been very positive with lots of people feeling very inspired.  I very much enjoyed hearing your story and I hope that Montgomery can emulate some of the great principles that you discussed."

Company Director – London

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