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Rebecca Jones

The Red Shoe Biz Woman


More and more staff within organisations are being asked to take responsibility for the business growth, to find income streams, be more enterprising and customer focused.

Rebecca speaks at events to de-mystify growth mind set and intrapreneurship – the role of enterprise within organisations to enable you to have a learning and growing organisation.

Rebecca is an empowering force, supporting the growth of enterprises and organisations and particularly the staff within them. Using her experience as a trainer and coach she helps entrepreneurs, executives and employees alike to obtain the most from themselves, their staff and clients whilst looking at general business growth and optimisation.

Rebecca offers a genuine, caring and supportive attitude along with an uncompromising integrity and honesty in her desire to assist others to grow and prosper for longer term stability. Rebecca regularly works with community groups, community enterprise, charities, housing associations, SME’s, local government and local health boards.


Business growth

Increased profitability

More sustainable ways of working

Improved mindset around growth and success

Better customer service

Improved staff engagement

Higher staff retention




“Rebecca is an engaging, informative and entertaining speaker who gets the balance between capturing the attention of the audience and imparting genuine knowledge and information, just right.”

Mike Scott, THE Group

“You were really down to earth with no fancy talk. Lots of thought provoking ideas and suggestions. I signed up as I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed and under-motivated about my online business and your webinar seems to have given me a boost. I tend to focus on the negative, and after listening to you, I have a lengthy list of positives which I didn’t realise were there.”

Lisa Jackson, Baby Not Included

“Rebecca engaged with the audience of almost 200 immediately, her vitality, energy and enthusiasm was infectious. Spreading the word on self-marketing and promotion through the social media. Thanks for a great experience.”

John S Morgan, Aquarius Training & Dev Partners

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