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Vicki Wusche

Take Back Control, Secure Tomorrow, Impact the Future


The world is changing, as are we.

You are going to live longer than you think, and longer than you can afford, but create your own Non-Traditional Wealthy Retirement Plan, and it could lead to the end of poverty, homelessness, pollution and sadness in all its forms. As you take back control of your tomorrow, you will have a positive impact on the future: for you, your family and your community.

Every time Vicki speaks at an event, she will have taken time to understand the needs of the audience. Her talks are relevant and personalised to ensure they provide maximum value to both the audience and the host.

Wealth is such a broad and sometimes controversial topic, and when most people are asked … they state that the concept of retirement is irrelevant to them.

In bringing The Wealthy Retirement Plan concept to audiences Vicki is able to tailor her presentations to be focused, relevant and still a touch controversial.


The Money Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them


3 Steps to a Wealthy Retirement


Time is Money, Money is Time


Vicki Wusche shared her insights around property as a business with our audience of chiropractors. Before the talk some were directly interested in property and others not. By understanding the audience Vicki was able to tailor her talk so that it was relevant to anyone. Inspiring and yet practical, we received great audience feedback and will continue to work with Vicki in the future.

Jo Davidson – Business growth expert and owner at Blue Cow


Vicki Wusche is one of my favourite speakers and spoke for us three times. She was humorous, and thought provoking, most of all, she was an inspiration to a lot of people who want to become successful in property. Thank you, Vicki for being an awesome speaker.

Juswant & Sylvia Rai - Berkshire Property Meet

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