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Discover the G A P in Your Customer Service You Never Knew Existed!

By Michael Arnot, 14 Oct 2015


Geoff Ramm is by far one of USB UK's most popular speakers. Aside from the accolades, hugely positive client testimonials, social media posts and book reviews, the acid test for us is that every event we book Geoff for we get a re-booking or referral for another one. So, what's all the fuss about?

Firstly, Geoff speaks on Customer Service. In 2015, this is a topic EVERY business or organisation needs to be on top of or they'll lose their customers. Simple. Secondly, Geoff's content is original and unique - he uses his own observations and research from brands and businesses across the world to illustrate key service delivery touchpoints, helping people realise where the gaps in their own service delivery are. Finally, Geoff's stagecraft is second to none - he engages, challenges and entertains his audience in equal measure, leaving delegates inspired, uplifted and motivated to achive more and do something different.

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