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Intrapreneurship and How to Make it Work in Your Business

By Tiffany Calvert, 30 Aug 2017

Intrapreneurship and How to Make it Work in Your Business

We are in a time where customer expectation is high. Where consumers are always looking for a product or service that understands their needs and provides for them as efficiently as possible. How do you correlate what you are offering with what the current market is wanting?

It is a common concept to adapt your business to suit the needs of customers, however from a management level, this can be understandably difficult. When the hands-on employees have the customer contact, would it not be wise to derive the ideas to move the company forward to come from those closest to the customer?

Introducing the concept of Intrapreneurship.

Pinchot (1984) defined intrapreneurs as "Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind, within a business". Enterprise expert, author and professional speaker, Rebecca Jones explains "Intrapreneurship is a more strategically responsive option more likely to produce longer term, profitable working solutions." Sounds good?

Managing Partner at Red Rocket Ventures, George Deeb, contributed to a Forbes article explaining how big companies need to embrace intrapreneurship to survive. All the way back to recruitment. We need to be considering candidates with "entrepreneurship wired into their DNA" to enable the individual employee's ideas to blossom and "stop focusing on next quarter's profits, and start focusing on the next decade's worth of revenue growth."

Rebecca goes on to reiterate the point surrounding intrapreneurship being part of the company's culture. To be able to establish the concept within the organization, employees of all levels "need to understand, and be involved in, the business at a deeper level. They must understand the goals of the organisation and how it plans to achieve them." This then will lead to a larger range of people looking out for prospective ideas and ultimately grow within the customers journey, to deliver a unique experience and to help the business grow.

"By allowing staff to be involved in the business it makes them a greater part of the organisation and encourages engagement."

The concept of Intrapreneurship has been growing since the eighties, with large businesses such as Apple, Google and Virgin all focusing internally to establish the next big idea.

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