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Marketing Master Strikes Back with OMG II

By Michael Arnot, 18 Dec 2015

Marketing Master Strikes Back with OMG II

If our business landscape was the Galaxy, if Lord Sugar was the Sith Lord and Richard Branson was Yoda then Geoff Ramm would truly be our Jedi Knight of Marketing and Customer Service.

The second installment of Observational Marketing Greats "OMG Strikes Back" has hit the online bookshelves recently and it is packed with Marketing genius.  

Inside this little book of matches you will discover… how a chocolate covered email will draw people to your exhibition stand, why £10 will transform your marketing thinking, the sign all accountants should aspire to, why you should always send two Valentines cards, the world’s most cost effective flyer, how you are only 120 seconds away from your ultimate OMG moment, taking advantage of the future King, 50 shades, and offering to sell your kidney will create global exposure, why your next flight will never be the same again, and revealing the greatest email of all time… Oh and no marketing book would be complete without God, Dinosaurs, Ice Cream, an Olympic Flame and a tin of soup.

One online reviewer said: "Geoff has the ability to share his views on the world of observational marketing in a way that is inspiring and digestable. Love the way he makes it all achievable for every day businesses. A true master of his craft. well done Geoff another fantastic book!"

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