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Sport vs Business

By Tiffany Calvert, 03 Aug 2017

Sport vs Business

Can the business industry learn from sport?

Merisha Stevenson, BBC Non-Executive Director recently wrote an article on boxer Anthony Joshua's Life Lessons which I really think we can learn from, in life and business.

Life is uncertain. Business is uncertain. Winning a fight to become heavyweight champion of the world you have prepared your whole life for is uncertain. Or is it?

The article suggests that throughout every fight for victory there will be falls. It is how we pick ourselves back up and prepare for the next punch that dictates our success.

Fitness entrepreneur and speaker, Katie Bulmer Cook, says: "The workplace can learn a lot from the world of sport, from how to play as a team right up to management level, and having those in a leadership position bring out the best in their team members, ensuring they are being placed in the right position based on their skill set."

Katie argues that from recruitment to working in a team, to leading a team to success; sport can provide the workplace with fundamental concepts on how to thrive.

Katie continues to reiterate the point's Merisha Stevenson highlighted; "traits such as dedication, commitment and resilience are all highly prevalent in sport and should have significant importance placed on them in business."

Individual sporting passion seen executed in the sporting arena to achieve greatness is one thing, but how can this passion be reflected in the board room? Can dedication, commitment and resilience be a learned skill, or do you just need the passion for business to build these traits?

Can the business industry learn from sport? Yes.

The next aspect to consider is how to implement the theory into a strategy that will enable successful business. This can include team away days or social events which while getting the practical aspect of sport through to your team, the stronger message of this reflecting into work need to be communicated. To do this, a professional speaker like Katie, can provide a tailored keynote talk, leaving your team with a lasting message that they can take back and deliver at work.

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