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Top 10 Traits of Successful People - by Nigel Risner

By Claire Harrison, 19 Apr 2016

Top 10 Traits of Successful People - by Nigel Risner

Nigel Risner, author and television presenter tells all.

“We have all read about people who are successful briefly. They win a gold medal, make a fortune, or star in one great movie … and then disappear. Or, there are those like Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes who achieve extraordinary success, at the cost of their own lives. These examples do not inspire me!

My focus and fascination is with people who seem to do well in many areas of life, and do it over again throughout a lifetime. In entertainment, I think of Paul Newman and Bill Cosby. In business, I think of Ben and Jerry (the ice cream moguls), and a local hardware store owner who is famous for the money he’s given to children’s charities.

These are the people who inspire me! I’ve studied them, and I’ve noticed they have the following traits in common:

1. They work hard and play hard! They get up early, rarely complain, expect performance from others, but expect extraordinary performance from themselves.

2. They are curious and eager to learn. They study, ask questions, read constantly and apply or take advantage of what they learn.

3. They network; listen to everyone. They know lots of different kinds of people who value their friendship and return their calls.

4. They work on themselves and never quit! They don’t tolerate flaws, they fix them! They work on their personality, leadership, management and every other detail of life.

5. They are extraordinarily creative. They ask “why not?” and see possibilities where others see problems.

6. They are self-reliant and take responsibility. They don’t worry about blame and don’t waste time complaining. They make decisions and move on.

7. They are usually relaxed and keep their perspective. Even in times of stress they keep their balance, rarely panic or make decisions on impulse.

8. They live in the present. They know NOW is the only time they can control. They take full advantage of each day and get a lot done!

9. They “look over the horizon” to see the future; they observe trends, notice changes, see shifts, and hear the nuances that others miss.

10. They respond instantly; when they see an opportunity they are always the quickest to make the call.

These traits work together, giving repeatedly successful people a huge advantage. Because they are insatiable learners, they can respond wisely to change. Because their personal relationships are strong, they have good advisors, and a reserve of goodwill when things go bad. And finally, none of these traits are genetic! They can be learned. They are free and they are skills you can use. Start now!